1. Failing Up
    Los Angeles, California
  2. The Jukebox Romantics
    New York
  3. Bumsy and The Moochers
    Chicago, Illinois
  4. States Of Nature
    San Francisco, California
  5. Neckscars
    New York, New York
  6. Decent Criminal
    Santa Rosa, California
  7. RLND
    San Francisco, California
  8. System Restore
    Casper, Wyoming
  9. Middle-Aged Queers
    Oakland, California
  10. SNIPERS!!
    Santa Rosa, California
  11. One Armed Joey
    Petaluma, California
  12. Raised on TV
    Los Angeles, California
  13. Fat Heaven
    Brooklyn, New York


Sell The Heart Records Berkeley, California

Est. 2010, Sell The Heart Records has a goal of curating a dynamic catalog of releases from a variety of artists. We believe in keeping it interesting, keeping it fun, and keeping it weird.

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