1. Laserchrist

  2. I Love You, Burn In Hell
    Palm Ghosts

  3. Tearjerker

  4. Dysfunctional Assumptions

  5. Death Punk Disco

  6. Picturesque
    Amalia Bloom

  7. No Change Without Me

  8. Strangers in Pictures
    Raised on TV

  9. Mooorree Than Just Another Comp!
    Sell The Heart Records

  10. Coming Around
    Singing Lungs

  11. Trash Life
    Fat Heaven

  12. Mr. Blue
    Raised on TV

  13. Best Friends Forever
    The 1984 Draft

  14. All This Time Is Yours Now

  15. Fest 20 Comp
    Various Artists

  16. A Drastic Tale of Western Living
    Bear Away

  17. Here's To Feelin' Good All The Time
    Kid You Not

  18. Around the Sun EP
    Raised on TV

  19. Reasons to Travel

  20. 3,482 Miles
    The Atlantic Union Project

  21. Anthemology

  22. Everything Is Strange

  23. Omnigone | Protagonist
    Sell The Heart Records

  24. Minimums
    Box Elder

  25. Happiness To Me
    One Armed Joey

  26. Everything A Girl Could Ask
    The Dreaded Laramie

  27. Currents
    Original Son

  28. Arcano Chemical

  29. Fires Forming
    The Jukebox Romantics

  30. The Sneak Peek EP
    Bumsy and The Moochers

  31. States of Nature - Songs To Sway
    States of Nature

  32. M Section - 3 Bangers
    M Section

  33. Neckscars | American Thrills | Tired Radio | Nightmares For A Week - 4 Band Split
    Sell The Heart Records

  34. Everything Breaks
    Heavy Seas

  35. Don't Panic

  36. ...And Out Come the Lawsuits
    Sell The Heart Records

  37. DC EP
    Decent Criminal

  38. For Bill
    Sell The Heart Records


  40. Bodies Upon The Gears - Volume 3
    Sell The Heart Records

  41. User Friendly Fire
    System Restore

  42. Bodies Upon The Gears Vol: 2
    Sell The Heart Records

  43. Bodies Upon The Gears Vol - 1
    Sell The Heart Records

  44. Formation
    Unconditional Arms

  45. Too F*g For Love
    Middle-Aged Queers

  46. Everybody Wants Somewhere: A Tribute To Fugazi Volumes I and II
    Sell The Heart Records

  47. SNIPERS!! - Demos

  48. Atlas Amped

  49. Let The Wolves Eat Themselves


Sell The Heart Records Berkeley, California

Est. 2010, Sell The Heart Records has a goal of curating a dynamic catalog of releases from a variety of artists. We believe in keeping it interesting, keeping it fun, and keeping it weird.

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